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Volvo trucks

Volvo Trucks, which will start the sale of four new heavy-duty and fully electric truck models in our country, wants to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in heavy-duty road transport. Taking into account the consumers’ preference for decarbonization and more environmentally friendly transportation options and their climate targets, Volvo Trucks aims to be the pioneer of the transformation on Turkish roads with its four new electric trucks.

There are four different electric Volvo truck models to be sold in the Turkish market.

The Volvo FH Electric is a quiet and zero-emission heavy-duty truck developed for intercity transport. This truck is seen as the future representative of the FH model, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

With its functionality, wide viewing angle and maneuverability, Volvo FM Electric offers an environmentally friendly, quiet and economical solution for regional and urban transportation. The Volvo FMX Electric serves as a zero-emission, quiet but very powerful and robust work truck for urban construction projects.

Volvo FL/FE Electric models, on the other hand, offer economical, safe and environmentally friendly solutions to urban transportation needs that require flexibility, safety and maneuverability. Volvo Trucks starts electric truck transformation
Kıvanç Kızılkaya, Temsa İş Makinaları Truck Sales and After-Sales Services Director, who spoke at the meeting, said that they are proud of leading the biggest transformation of the transportation sector.

Kıvanç Kızılkaya, who said that they are sure that the big transformation that will take place with electric truck models will benefit both the transportation sector and the society, talked about the investments made in sales and after-sales services since 2017;

“We are increasing our power in the sector day by day by expanding our authorized dealer and service network all over Turkey. With our expanding network and our expertise in our business, we are working to be the solution partner of our customers, to offer services tailored to your needs and to add value to the transportation industry.”

Kızılkaya said, “As Volvo Trucks, we are a brand known for the value we place on human life. By including the environment in this valuable vision in the last half century; We focused on developing sustainable technologies for both the climate, natural resources and humanity.

Our target for the future is ‘Zero Emission’. When we reach 2040, we foresee that all vehicles bearing the Volvo Trucks brand will operate on the roads with zero emissions. The most important step that will carry us to this sustainability goal will be electromobility.”

At the meeting, Volvo Trucks International Electric Truck Segment Development Director René Müller, who stated that there is a great potential for the transition to electric vehicles in truck transportation in the near future, stated that they aim for electric trucks to make up half of their sales by 2030;

“With a total of six electric truck models in production as of this year, Volvo Trucks has a unique range of electrified products in the global truck industry, covering all segments from urban distribution to the public, from construction vehicles to regional transport.

“These complete electric transport solutions we deliver through our global dealer network and services are also vital to our customers’ success.”